sherrie villano interfaith minister


Learning to love and accept feelings is the key to peace of mind. I have used these techniques for over 20 years and have found that they truly bring clarity, freedom and abundance. You can use the tools I provide in a loving, safe environment so you can start going toward what you want instead of trying to avoid what you don't.

In setting any goals, we have to know what we want and then set priorities. To keep that goal, we have to know what we don't want. Usually, what we don't want will take first priority. I can help you "Let go" of what's in the way of manifesting your goals.

  • Cut your worry time drastically
  • Clarify your priorities and your purpose
  • Understand yourself and others more easily
  • Celebrate being in the moment
  • Savor an inner sense of abundance
  • Take responsibility for your own life by practicing the 'habit' of happiness

My services are not covered by insurance - however, because I'm a minister, the fees are tax deductible.

For single counselings: $80.00 for an hour and half session. For couples: whether for marriage counseling before marriage, or couples that want to enhance their relationship - $130.00.